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Futureware has developed several easy to use products for specific areas of the I.C.T. arena.

Public Vault System

PVS is a high performance ECM solution using COTS buildling blocks and specific integration / converters. The architecture can archive up to 1 million documents per day and retain these for several years.

Performance stats of Feb 2011

Extreme storage

Creation of large capacity storage devices (based on Windows server or as NAS device).

In a single 3 U 19" rack, a maximum raw storage capacity of 90TerraByte can be delivered.

The above picture shows 2 x 15 x 1Tbyte Seagate Barracuda ES.2 drives, offering a combined storage capacity in Raid-5 of 20 Terabyte.

Archiving benchmarks

As part of a development in high volume archiving, the above mentioned storage device is used to do performance and durability testing. Continuously documents are forwarded for archiving and then processed. The "Monitor" controls the differtent archiving processors and gathers performance statistics. The consolidated results are shown hereafter and prove that a single server (quad core, 8Gb) can easily process more than 2,5 million documents per day.

Document Management area

  • Image Modeling Tool - basic:
    Allows a project manager or consultant to size and configure a complete DMS solution.
    Enter the document mix, document volume and then calculate the size of archive (disk or jukebox) depending on the number of months information must remain available.
  • Imaging Modeling Tool - full
    Extended functionality :
    - enter up to 20 document types
    - include backfile conversion
    Contact us for more information on this tool
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