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Charity work for Chile


During one of our visits to Chile in April 2012, we came into contact with the family Santibanes. This farmer family lives in a small village Hijuelas in rural countryside between Santiago and Viña del Mar. They work on their plot of land and grow vegetables to sell on the local market.


This family have a doughter Valentina aged 15. Since her birth she is suffering from “disparecia espastica” and needs to use wheelchair. Valentina is very intelligent and goes to school at Hijuelas.

Futureware has decided to help with the educatiion and medical charges and is donating in total 1.250 € over the next 12 months.

House make-over

If you have the option to choose between :

  • visiting the desert up North in Chile, costing 1.000 € to see rocks, volcanos and salt OR

  • donating paint, material and offering to paint their living room to a family ...

what would YOU do?

Well, we opted for the latter and spent 2 week-ends working hard to re-paint their living room.

House Ramon

Charify work for CUBA

I've travelled to many places, i've learned to appreciate my own country and realised I should be more than grateful for being born and raised in Belgium.

When I visited Cuba, for the first time in February 2002, I was touched by their way of live. How people, who do not have the luxury and comfort like, we Europeans take so much for granted, still live, work, fight and try to give their children a better education and life.

I had the pleasure to meet several people and visit several small organisations who have made it their task to work with children and through dance, music and arts offer them a better start in their life. These are a few projects that Futureware is sponsoring.

Enjoy the story ....

Shipping computers and office material - Oct 2009

Dominique and Lazaro are driving founders of the Pinos Nuevos. They ensure each year a container is shipped to Cuba. Futureware contributed by donating several computers, printers, audio equipment and office material.

For details : Dominique and Lazaro

Moros Y Cristianos - 2003

U.P.A. Moros y Cristianos is located in "Havana Vieja", the older centre of Havana. This organisation is for young children (up to the age of 12) who come their on their spare afternoons to make music, play and rehears for their dance performance.


When seeing the project for the first time, I realised there was so much that they needed and that we could be doing to help them. We've organised a theme evening and raised about 3.000 Euro.

They have been using this money wisely, have improved the school and also used the money to make dresses for the children's performance.

Pinos Nuevos - 2002

This dynamic group of dancing professionals, work very hard every day to promote the Cuban dance tradition without loosing sight of their roots. Futureware has helped them to buy a bus and this is now used in Cuba to bring the group (dancers and musicians) to the place where they need to perform.


Some Youtube samples

Centro Pro Danza - 2002

This centre is managed by Laura Alonso, the daughter of one of Cuba's prima ballerina. Her mission is life is to teach ballet to young girls and boys and offer them an opportunity to grow and develop themselves.

For details : Laura Alonso - Directora General. prodanza@cubarte.cult.cu

Scampi al ajo

 Scampi with SOME garlic !!